CosmicBengal Electric Sky and Tailwinds Astro Naughty Not Had 4 kittens 3-26-2019

No Kittens Available

Next litter is planned for Late August. She is being paired with

SpotOn Bengals Arctic Storm (Charcoal Lynx) They will be:

*Charcoal Lynx,

*Apb/Apb that carry Lynx (cs),

*Apb/a that carry Lynx (cs)

Silver Female.

Will have Green or Gold eyes



Brown Rosetted Female

She will have green or Gold eyes

Yellow Collar Brown Boy

He will Have Green or Gold eyes

Silver Female 

She will have Green or Gold eyes

Blue Collar Brown Boy

He will have Green or Gold eyes

CosmicBengal Electric Sky


SpotOn Bengals Arctic Storm

No kittens available this litter is Reserved 

Electric Sky (Lexi) was paired with

SpotOn Bengals Arctic Storm

he is a (Charcoal Lynx) The kittens are

1 Male- Apb/Apb that carry Lynx (cs),

1 Male- Apb/a that carry Lynx (cs)

She blessed us with 2 boys 

This is Coal- He is  Apb/a C/cs

This is Ash- He is Apb/Apb C/cs

CH CosmicBengal Electric Sky


GC Wildstyle Livin Large

Born 01/20/2020

2 Seal Lynx Males and 1 Apb/Apb or Brown male

She blessed us with 3 boys 


Seal Lynx Male 


 Seal Lynx Male 


Brown Male


Vice President of New Vision Cat Club

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2020 Breed Council Member Logo.gif
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North Port, Florida


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