Cosmic Bengal Wins BIG at the Show

Our first CFA show was a huge success. I can't thank our new found friends enough for their help throughout the weekend. Here at Cosmic Bengal we made the trip to Duluth, Ga with 4 of our kitty children in tow.

9 hours away from home, 4 very expensive kitties in our care and not knowing what to expect, we were at peace knowing we had some pretty experienced people on our side. With a total of 18 Bengals entered in the Cotton States CFA Cat show we were about to experience the largest Bengal showing ever held with CFA.

WOW, I've never seen so many cats. There were a total of 307 cats in the show hall. Several different breeds were represented here with the Bengal cat being the newest member to the CFA. Even though we were still categorized as a miscellaneous class we took pride in our babies as we all work towards championship within the CFA. the more we show our beauties the more we can get feedback and tweak the standards and get the recognition we need to get noticed as a Championship breed.

Our biggest winner was Wildstyle Smooth Jazz (AKA) Leo of Cosmic Bengal with an overall 3 Best of Breed, 3-2nd Best of Breed and 1- 3rd Best of Breed ribbons making him the biggest winner of all the bengal cats this weekend. Our female Wildstyle Vega of Cosmic Bengal took home some ribbons with 2- Best of Breeds and 1-3rd Best of Breed.

We can't wait to get top Jacksonville, Fl in January and meet yet more breeders and their Bengal pride. so much excitement and new adventures are in our future. stay tuned for more and don't forget to visit us on our Facebook page @Cosmicbengal

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