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We have had a lot of people interested in the 3 females available from Nova Star and Leo. If you would like one of these 3 females you will need to fill out the kitten application and also make a deposit. We will go in the order of the deposits received . If the kitten you wanted was reserved by someone else you will have first pick in the next litter. (See below) Even though we don’t have other colors in this litter, be sure to fill out the kitten application with the gender and color you are looking for. You can put a deposit on the pairing of your choice (note this info on the application). The upcoming litters are: Leo and Lyra- February Leo and Vega - March If you are waiting on a charcoal or snow those will be born in April - June You can make your deposit to reserve your spot with Onyx or Blue Moon kittens now.

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