Bengals In the Catshow, Fort Myers Florida

Grand Champion WildStyle Smooth Jazz of Cosmicbengal placed in 8 out of 8 Judging rings over the weekend. We love this boy so much. Apparently so do the Judges! We wanted to celebrate his achievement of obtaining the first ever Bengal Grand Champion Title in CFA History by following tradition so we brought a "Grand Cake" to the show for everyone to enjoy. It's always such a fun weekend hanging out with friends and talking with the crowds about the Bengal breed. Many have never seen one in person or even heard of one. Overall placement this weekend: (2)- BEST CAT (2)- 2ND BEST CAT (1)- 4TH BEST CAT (1)- 5TH BEST CAT (1)- 7TH BEST CAT

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North Port, Florida


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