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Flying with your Cat?

Tips for flying with your cat. 1: Use a Sturdibag size large (carrier) for fitting under the seat in front of me. Line the carrier with puppy pads. Put a couple in the carrier and extras in the zipper pocket that holds the platform. Attached to the straps of the Sturdibag is one of those holders with bags for dog poo. A dirty puppy pad fits perfectly in one bags. The zipper pocket at the back holds some Water Wipe brand baby wipes in a plastic bag. Water Wipe is non-toxic. 2: Litterbox with crystal litter goes in the duffel bag. Crystal litter goes through the scanner without any problem. Use a small plastic waste can bag to line the litter box. The duffel also contains my clothing, collapsible silicone water dish, paper plates, cans of food. And any other supplies need for yourself. The duffel is checked free on Southwest. 3: Carry on items include one under the seat and a small personal bag for the overhead rack. The carrier is the under seat item. Use a diaper bag for the small personal item because it contains so many convenient pockets. That carries another collapsible silicon water dish, paper plates, benadryl (for anyone near you who might be allergic to cats) and Beechnut baby food meat instead of cans of food. The baby food is an exempt item and doesn't cause any problems at TSA. Carry a small empy water bottle to fill after going through TSA. 4: Going through TSA you will have to take your cat out of the carrier and hold it while the carrier goes through the machine. It's really important to train your cat to harness and leash. A cat wearing a harness and leash is much easier to handle and almost eliminates any possible escapes. An alternative to holding your cat while the carrier is examined is to request a private room for screening. This takes extra time so give yourself plenty of time to clear TSA. 5: Potty "accident" on the plane. Since the carrier is lined with puppy pads, simply slide the carrier from under the seat to open the top door. Grab a poo bag from the holder strapped near the front of the carrier, open the top door, pull out the soiled puppy pad, put it in the poo bag and tie the top of the bag. The bag is made to contain smells so it works very well. 6: If you need to carry a litter box, get the one gallon fold up box from Sturdi or similar. Put it in a zipper plastic bag and stow it in the diaper bag. Carry a small amount of crystal litter. Crystal litter goes through TSA without triggering a search. You don't have to scoop crystal litter and any stools can be picked out with a poo bag. Use it like a glove then tie the top. Hope this helps. If your cat is anxious or cries when in a carrier, I suggest you speak with your Vet about possibly using trazadone for the travel. It does not put them out but it does help mellow and calm them down while they remain alert and functioning normal.


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