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Got a new kitten and you have other pets? How do you get them to get along?

Before introducing your new cat to your current cats/dogs There should be a transition period of at minimum a week preferably 2 weeks where the kitten starts off in a bathroom or laundry room. Some sort of room or large walk in closet with her litter box, food and water dishes, toys, preferably a blanket with the scent of her momma on it and the same litter the breeder used. This gives them time to adjust to the new smells and sounds of the house while bonding with you. This will create a good loving trusting bond with you. After a week or two open up the room to a slightly larger room and eventually the house. Add another litter box or more in multiple rooms while still a kitten.

After this bonding and transition period is successful I would swap the bedding or a towel from each cat/dog and let them check out each other's scent.

Let them smell each other from under a door and see each other through a screen door or sliding door if possible. You can use a baby gate in a doorway and drape a sheet to cover the rest of the doorway in such a manner that they can't get to each other. Then allow them to have supervised visits where you play with them both until they seem to get along.

The kitten will most likely adjust faster then the older cat/dog who had claimed the house as their own.

Some will adapt faster than others but give it time and play with each of them with teaser toys etc.

For other info and help with Bengals/cats visit our Kitten Care Sheet

Here's a great in depth book for introducing your Cats to other Cats: ComPETability Cat-Cat Household Here's a great in depth book for introducing your Cats to other Dogs:

For in depth help about home transitioning read this article about the Safe Room


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