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Looking for a CatWheel?

Your Bengals are very active and you would like to give them some more entertainment. You play with them throughout the day and you're worried they aren't getting enough energy draining playtime while you're not home.

A cat wheel is a GREAT investment for many different reasons BUT they are not all created equally. (see video)

Our Bengals Love using a wheel to run and walk off some their energy all through the day. We have used the One Fast Cat Wheel and I've gotta say it does not compare at all with the more solid, sturdier, quieter and all around safer FerrisCatWheel from Ziggy Doo.

If you want one that will last, get the FerrisCatWheel from Ziggy Doo. You get what you pay for. The OFC is sub par and dangerous for your cats, children and personal belongings. It has a bad track record and worse of all when you try to leave comments regarding negativity or reviews letting people know what has happened such as it falling off the track while running full speed, or the base wheels falling apart, the base cracking or bending outward etc.... The FB admin of their page will remove you, delete your comments and block you from their page. To me, the extra money for the other wheel is worth it, it's worth the better track record, it's worth the safety of everyone.

Many people say they cost to much and end up getting the one fast cat because it's half the price. The problem is, you get what you pay for and eventually end up getting the FerrisCatWheel. Therefore you end up paying almost $600 instead of just getting this one the first time. I have had the one fast cat, I'm so thankful for now having a FerrisCatWheel from Ziggy Doo.

Check out the FerrisCatWheel and some of my Bengal cats on the FerrisCatWheel with the links below

If you have been considering purchasing a wheel, you can find the Ferris Cat Wheel from ZiggyDoo (USA & CANADA) here.

If you are not in the USA or Canada use this link to find the distributor for you.

WARNING!! Do not get the OFC Wheel! WATCH THIS

Teaching your kitten how to use the Wheel


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