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Looking for a Kitten? Don't want to get scammed? Arm yourself with the right questions.

Bear with me. Long post but it's worth it:

I am a Bengal breeder as well as an admin and moderator of different FB Bengal groups and participate in several "Bengal Kittens for sale" pages and I made this to help new/future Bengal owners find a Good and Ethical Breeder. Just because someone suggests a breeder or themselves doesn't mean they are good breeders. It's up to you to do the research, ask the questions and gather the proper information to make a sound judgment. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the breed or the breeding process but please read this and take notes. When searching for a Bengal please be sure to Ask for proof of





HCM screening

test results. Ask for official pedigrees for the Sires and Dams from one of the following registries:


. Call the Cattery's Registering agency to verify they are still active and in good standing

* TICA- (956) 428-8046

* CFA- (330) 680-4070

If you can't physically visit the cattery, then ask for real time videos of the kittens so you don't get scammed with pictures stolen from the internet.

*Check to make sure the pictures they are using are really theirs. Use

Google reverse image

. Just save the picture they are using and upload it. If you see the picture they are using on another breeders website it could be stolen. Remember: Price is only ONE small piece to consider. Finding an ethical breeder is worth its weight in gold. Kitten prices should be over $1000 for a kitten from a properly tested cattery. Typically they will range from $1500-$2500 depending on various factors. Be very hesitant for anything under $1000. There are a lot of breeders who don't do the proper testing of the parents to ensure healthy kittens and there are also a lot of scammers out there who will copy tests and use as their own. Look for font discrepancies within the form.

If they are talking to you on social media but they do not have a strong social media presence then chances are they could be a scammer.

-No website?

-No Facebook page?

-Will only speak to you through text messages?

-They offer no info other than "we have kittens, text or message if interested"

These are all things I would be cautious of and definitely do some serious research before placing a deposit.

Read reviews and maybe message some of the people who have bought from that breeder to ask how socialized their kitten was when it got to their new home. And do NOT go with anyone who will let the kitten go before 12-14 weeks old and both sets of vaccinations. Here's an article about why age is important click


Do not buy kittens off Craigslist, Hoobly or any similar site!!!! Most reputable breeders WILL have a website!

Overall just be very cautious and do your research. A cute kitten picture is great but don't let it be the thing that allowed somebody to take your money and run. If you are in the market for a Bengal or know someone who is, We know several great breeders in various states and countries that we can recommend and of course don't forget about us :) .

We either have kittens available or we will have some coming soon. References are available and reviews can be found on our Facebook page. Shipping is available if needed and its possible I can personally fly the kitten to you. We are located in North Port, FL if you would like to pick up in person.




All of our testing results are available on our website under each




. Take a moment to fill out our


, read over the


There is a

kitten care sheet

with several recommendations for


, litter, transitioning your bengal to its new home, spay/neuter info etc... .

There's also a

Raw feeding

information page and alternative suggestions with links to suppliers Regardless of who you select as your breeder, please use the references and Info above in your search. Its important for the health of the kitten and overall life of your Bengal.

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