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Raw Feeding and Alternatives

If you are looking for a good Homemade Raw Recipe

It is important that you feed the same food your breeder is feeding when your kittens come home. If you want to switch to a different food that is ok but do it slowly.


This is the recipe we use and it makes a 6.5 lb Batch :

5 lbs of Beef /Boneless Skinless chicken thighs/Boneless skinless Duck/turkey (we use ground turkey)

5.25 oz Chicken Liver

5.25 oz of other secreting organ( we use beef kidneys)

11.5 ounces of chicken hearts or beef hearts

3.5 tsp of eggshell powder

1/2 Tbsp Taurine

1/2 Tbsp pro/prebiotic

1 cup water

If you don’t want to grind your own egg shells you can buy a powder

This is one I found on Amazon Click here> Amazon Eggshell replacement

If you'd like to add vitamins to your cats food or occasionally feed a protein, bone or eggshells with only vitamins, Wild Trax is a great option. I would recommend starting with the one pound bag. Wild Trax Feline Supplement is fortified with selected vitamins and minerals for optimum nutrition and health of wild felines, hybrid cat breeds, and ANY domestic cat breed on a raw meat & bone diet. Wild Trax Feline Supplement is a powdered vitamin and mineral supplement designed to enhance raw meat, so that it best replicates the nutrition of a whole prey diet, that cats would normally eat in the wild.

Check with your local mom and pop pet food stores.

If you plan on transitioning from a wet Raw food we recommend Freeze Dried.  This is a great option for Raw feeding or introducing different proteins. This is also an option for feeding a balanced RAW diet without the fuss of dealing with raw meat. Here are a few good brands. Stella and Chewy’s, Primal Pet, Vital Essentials, Ziwi peak Air, and Rawz.

 If you are planning to change you need to SLOWLY change to the new food (over the course of at minimum 2 weeks) to avoid upsetting the kittens’ digestive system.

There are other sources of Raw food that can be delivered to your door such as: Darwins Pet Hare Today Balanced Blends Viva Raw

"Fresh is Best" makes a great treat for your furrbaby. Use them to reward good behavior, successfully learning tricks or simply a way to strengthen your bond.


Many people always ask "What is the best thing to feed our Bengal/Cat"

The BIGGEST answer will be RAW because it is the best option. if you truly want the best then the answer is a well balanced Raw diet. 80% protein 10% bone and 10% secreting organs. 2nd best option is a wet high content protein canned food. They need a food source with a high moisture content as well as high protein and proper nutrients.  ***Almost Any wet canned food is better than kibble. A few good can food brands are, Rawz, Tiki, Castor and Pollux, Dave's cat;s meow, Ziwi peak, Hound & Goat and Koah Cats are obligate carnivores. This means they eat prey ie. Meat and bone and organs.... Does this sound familiar. These are the ingredients to a raw diet. Nowhere in the history of felines do they roam the wild and pluck kibble from trees or fruits and veggies from farm lands. To each their own, but just know these are the 2 options best and 2 best for your feline family member.  Kibble for Dogs was first made commercial at the end of the 19th century circa 1960 and for cats around 1976 and was made to make life easier for pet owners and a nice money earner for the manufacturers. Never was it ever designed with the cats health in mind. 😉 Before then, domestic cats spent thousands of years catching rodents, birds and other small animals and probably receiving scraps of meat from their humans. Back then people didn't even keep cats as pets. They were useful for keeping vermin at bay so people let them take shelter in the barns and whatnot. The cats earned their keep and were not fed by people. I certainly don't understand the mentality that mother nature is wrong and humans know what's best for cats. Not sure how anyone can say raw is a fad. Something cats ate for thousands of years before kibble was even invented? Kibble on the other hand is a relatively recent invention and should be considered the real fad. 


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