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What to Expect with your Bengal. Is it the Right Breed for you?

Expect the unexpected. They love to talk, chirp and hollar. Expect the craziest of things :) . They have lots of energy. They are very very smart. Some will love water, some will play with their water in the bowl more than drink it. Expect the unimaginable. Expect your heart to fall in love. Expect frustrating times whe they make messes worse than toddlers but then, when they decide to cuddle you forget most of that anyway.

Expect them to be excited when you get home and they want to know how your day was and oh yeah, hey where's my dinner! Be prepared to *baby proof your house sort of speak, when you find something you're Bengal does spectacularly that you don't want them to do you get to become creative and find a solution. Its exciting :) Be prepared for them to put their toys to the ultimate test and usually destroy them all. Toys are not usually Bengal proof. (I recommend a good scratch post and cat tree to help save your carpet and furniture as well as a cat wheel to help expend some energy.)

Expect your family and friends to wonder what the heck it is and where do they get one. Then change their mind when they find out how much your baby cost. Expect your vet and the whole office to get excited when they see your beautiful exotic Bengal come for a visit because they've never seen one or rarely do. But most of all expect the unexpected.

One thing I can't stress enough is when you bring one home the first time, do NOT just let it Roam the whole house Willy nilly. There should be a transition period of at minimum a week preferably 2 weeks where there kitten/cat starts off in a bathroom or laundry room. Some sort of room or large walk in closet with her litter box, food and water dishes, toys, preferably a blanket with the scent of her momma on it and the same litter the breeder used. This gives them time to adjust to the new smells and sounds of the house while bonding with you. This will create a good loving trusting bond with you. Play with her/him and give them treats. Spend as much time as you can with them. After a week or two open up the room to a slightly larger room and eventually the house.

Add another litter box or more in multiple rooms while still a kitten.

Read theis artcle to see if the Bengal breed is right for you and if you have the right Mind Set

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