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What age should my Bengal Kitten go home?

TICA, CFA, and GCCF all recommend *minimum* rehoming ages in the 12-14 week range. Not just for Bengals but for all breeds.

It costs breeders real time and money to keep kittens for longer, so why do they make that recommendation? In short, because those extra few weeks with mom produces happier, healthier, better socialized kittens that in turn make better pets.

According to TICA, “Most responsible breeders allow their kittens to go to new homes at 14 weeks of age or older. This is a perfect age to make the transition to a new home. At 14 weeks, a kitten is weaned, litter trained, and has been vaccinated at least twice.” [1] CFA advises that “The responsible breeder will not sell kittens before they are 12-14 weeks of age and have been vaccinated.” [2] GCCF “recommends that no kitten should go to its new home until at least 13 weeks of age, and a week after its full course of primary vaccinations has been completed."

In life, there are no guarantees--but the goal of a responsible breeder and pet owner should be to rehome at an age that offers kittens the best chance at a happy, healthy life in a permanent home. Is it possible that a kitten rehomed at an earlier age will do well? Sure. But ask yourself: why would anyone take the risk over a few weeks’ difference?


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